You still want to know more?  Well, here it is...

Starting with the personal stuff, I grew up all over the state of Missouri.   I ended up in Kansas City late in 2000, where I eventually married my amazing husband Tony in 2006.  He is my best friend, father to my 4 children, as well as my business partner. He is the quiet and reserved type.   I do not know a stranger and I have no problem talking to people about anything! We have a unique and fun relationship and are the crazy couple that actually still likes to spend all our time together!  We have traveled to fascinating places together, which not only has made us stronger, but also given me new perspective for people, their stories and their cultures.

Our four awesome children are the reason I started this crazy dream to begin with.  After the "Red Sucker Incident of 2004", I wanted to give my passion a try.  In 2009, as my mother was passing from cancer she made it very clear to me that she wanted me to use my gift.  She helped me pick the name Life Expressions. In August of that year, I shot my very first wedding.  I was able to quit my full time job to stay home and take care of my baby in 2010 and work on my business.  As she has grown, so has the business.  I love every aspect of being a photographer, but most of all, I adore the people I meet along the way and the love I get to witness.  Watching families grow from engagement to babies is nothing short of amazing.  Each person has their own story to tell, and I am excited to see who and what else will touch my life in such a resounding way.

As you can tell from my pricing page, I keep things pretty simple.  Being on the other side of the sales pitch, I wanted to stick with giving my clients ALL of their photos and not having to deal with the stress of picking just one or two or have to sell a kidney to get them all.  You will receive the CD's of all the edited photos for you to take home and share.  If you chose to display them, I have the ability to get any sizes you need in prints and canvases or anything else that is on the market.  If there is something you want, just ask!


LOYALTY PROGRAM: The biggest compliment I can receive is your referrals to family and friends.  For every referral that results in a scheduled session, you will receive a $25 credit towards your next session.  For every referral that results in a scheduled Wedding, your regular session price is 50% off!